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More about Thanthi TV
Thanthi TV has launched its 24-hours LIVE Tamil news satellite television on November 13, 2012. This news channel is owned by “Metro Nation Chennai Television Pvt Ltd." This history of Thanthi TV channel goes back to the year 2009. On May 16 2009, NDTV Hindu was launched as a Chennai city-specific English news channel. This channel was broadcasting Chennai city-specific English news and Entertainment programs. While it was NDTV Hindu, 51% of the share was owned by NDTV & 49% of share was owned by The Hindu Group. After Dina Thanthi (Daily Telegram); a leading Tamil daily newspaper which took over the NDTV Hindu channel it rebranded the channel as “Thanthi TV". After Puthiya Thalaimurai TV, Thanthi TV holds largest viewership for a news channel in Tamil language across the world. The most watched program in Thanthi TV news channel is “Kelvikkenna Bathil" (What is the Answer to the Question?) hosted by one of the well-known anchor Rangaraj Pandey. Thanthi TV has its daily newspaper Dina Thanthi founded by Sivanthi Aditanar which is a popular daily that made its television, an early popular news channel in the state of Tamilnadu. The Dina Thanthi owned channel broadcasts the following programs daily. Thanthi TV Daily Program Schedules:
  • Thanthi Exclusive
  • 1 Mani Seithigal
  • 10:30 Kaatchi
  • 20/20 Motham Narpathu
  • 6 Mani Seithigal
  • 7 1/2
  • 7 Mani Express
  • Aalayam: Therithathum Theriyathathum
  • Anubudan Mu.Ka
  • Ayutha Ezhuthu
  • Ayutha Ezhuthu Neetchi
  • House Full
  • Ithu Eppadi Irukku
  • Inaya Thalaimurai
  • JJ Sila Kurippugal
  • Kaalai 10 Mani Seithigal
  • Kelvikkenna Bathil
  • Maalai 5 Mani Seithigal
  • Makkal Mandram
  • Makkal Yaar Pakkam
  • Nam Naadu
  • Neradi Seithigal
  • Ore desam
  • Podungamma Ottu
  • Seithi Thuligal
  • Sirappu Nigazhchigal (Special)
  • Thanthi Seithigal
  • Thiraikadal
  • Yathum Oore Yavarum Kelir
The most popular programs in Thanthi TV news channel are “Kelvikkenna Bathil" & “Ayutha Ezhuthu" hosted by Rangaraj Pandey and Hariharan respectively. The recently started episodes like “Inaya Thalaimurai" that discusses trending topics in social media is getting popular among youngsters. Thanthi TV news app is available for download to watch LIVE news updates on mobile as well. Out of many Tamil news channels that has come up recently, this channel still holds its position considerably on top. Thanthi TV’s “Makkal Mandram" is an unique vertical by the channel that brings together audience/public on a common stage with the speakers/political leaders to discuss debatable topics. During election period, like any other channel Thanthi TV covers the whole election exit polls and election results in realtime. Thanthi TV has started its LIVE streaming on Web, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook. You can watch the LIVE streaming of Thanthi TV right above for flash news and latest news updates online. Thanthi TV’s Media Dimensions: As far as the print media of this news television, “Dina Thanthi" goes, it also has most attracted supplements in Tamil language along with its daily circulation. On Sunday, “Gnayiru Malar" along with “Kudumba Malar" is published. Along with the Sunday issue of “Dina Thanthi", the supplement is “Aruldharum Aanmeega", which is a spiritual supplementary magazine. With Wednesday issue of “Dina Thanthi", “Plus2 & SSLC Model Questions" are published. On Friday, “Dina Malar" issues, “Siruvar Thanga Malar" which is dedicated to kids and “Velli Malar" which contains entertainment columns. Mostly from cinema and televisions. “Muthucharam" and “Ilaignar Malar" are published on Saturday along with the “Dina Thanthi" daily. This news channel with its strong presence in print media for decades, it is comparatively easier for them to advertise and attract the audience to its channel. The name “Thanthi" is a Tamil word which represents “Telegram". “Dina Thanthi" means “Daily Telegram" or “Daily Telegraph". Since the name, “Thanthi" is a well-established name in the state of Tamil Nadu by the print media, “Dina Thanthi", the channel has retained the name “Thanthi" on its television news channel too.

Thanthi TV’s Anchor Strengths:

Rangaraj Pandey’s “Kelvikkenna Badhil" is very popular interview show mostly watched on YouTube. This particular program become popular by the questioning styles of the anchor Mr. Rangaraj Pandey. Unlike Puthiya Thalaimurai TV, this channel hasn’t lost any of its anchors or news-readers to any other news channels. Rangaraj Pandey is still the editor-in-chief of Thanthi TV while Hariharan still conducts the program “Ayudha Ezhuthu". Both these personalities are well-established assets of Thanthi TV news channel. This channel’s first media presence was in the form of print media; “Daily Thanthi" daily in Tamil, the founder Sivanthi Adithanar also found a political party and named it as “Naam Thamizhar" which means “We Tamils". He found this party in the year 1958. However, critics say that their leading media dimensions like “Daily Thanthi" and “Thanthi TV" are now nowhere sticking to the ideology of its founder. Thanthi TV portrays many social issues and political happenings in the state and in the country. Seldom it focuses on the regional parties’ happenings. Thanthi TV Live TV Despite the allegations from the common public, the channel remains in the top five positions, in terms of TRP ratings of Tamil news channels. The channel has not yet started its YouTube live relay yet but have its web streaming live. While other regional new channels have started their live streaming through YouTube and other social media networks, Thanthi TV is only streaming its live relay through web application. One can watch Thanthi TV‘s Live News from its official website if you are to watch it online other than television networks. They do update news and happenings every moment through their social networks like twitter & facebook. For any career options and jobs in Thanthi TV, they can be reached through their email address: